Organization Transformation

The ability to identify, assess and manage change is a key measure of an organization’s success. Today, creating and sustaining an organization that all stakeholders believe in and continually choose is achieved through people, processes and technology. By fusing traditional and progressive methods, Skylight Intelligence keeps you competitive by driving internal acceptance and external adoption of your most critical transformations in IT, digital, culture and beyond.

No matter the size of an organization, when change happens, it affects many moving parts including your strategy, people, technology and infrastructure. Whether an enterprise-wide change or implementation of a small-scale system update, Skylight Intelligence will help you manage the impact of that change to ensure each area is aligned with your objectives and other initiatives.

Whether it’s setting up an enterprise Project Management Office (PMO) or providing the services, project management support is needed to go from vision to reality. At Skylight Intelligence, we set you up for success with oversight of your portfolios, programs or projects in addition to building internal capabilities and capacity to ensure the cost-effective execution of your success strategies.

Organizations face heightened expectations from society from increased levels of transparency related to how they do business. Professional governance programs help organizations operate properly with the right structures and due diligence. Skylight Intelligence’s approach to governance considers the macro and micro dynamics of your market to develop strategies for success.

Organizational effectiveness looks beyond your bottom line to determine how your organization is performing based on core values. Developing the right performance metrics is essential for measuring your organization’s impact on people, stakeholder groups, corporate social responsibility goals and financials. Our team helps you identify and monitor these metrics to ensure your success.

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Today, employees want to feel that their work is aligned with personal ambitions and objectives. In recognizing that employees are leading indicators of the success or failure of your corporate strategy and culture, our team helps you fill gaps that may exist and create engagement strategies using a wide range of analytical techniques to move your employees and organization forward.

Process improvement often takes a backseat to execution as people are tasked to keep projects and programs moving quickly. In reality, the right policies and processes are what allow departments, programs or projects to run more efficiently and effectively. At Skylight Intelligence, we help you create, improve and manage the processes necessary for achieving an ideal state of operation.