City/Nation/Place Global

You can also find Skylight Intelligence and Twenty31 at the 2018 City Nation Place Global annual forum for place branding and marketing professionals from November 7th to the 8th. In addition to exhibiting, Skylight Intelligence will share new data-driven place branding strategies in a joint breakout session on November 8th led by Rhett Skelton, Executive Vice President at Skylight, Greg Klassen, Partner at Twenty31 and former head of the Canadian Tourism Commission, and Jason McGrath, Senior Vice President at IPSOS Global Reputation Centre.

Breakout Session: Data-Driven Place Branding Strategies

November 8th, 2018 | 2:35 pm

This joint breakout session will discuss tactics for implementing an analytical approach to place branding and using traditional, new and emerging research techniques and tools to direct an organization’s vision and measure progress. Real examples of place branding in action will be reviewed and Skylight Intelligence will also share more information about the new report, the 2019 Destination Brand Assessment.