Analytics. Strategy.

A global management consulting firm

Helping organizations solve their most
complex challenges
with less of the same solutions
and more of the meaningful ones


We’re a global management consulting
firm that helps organizations solve
complex challenges

We leverage the experience of our trusted advisors to provide a modern consulting approach that integrates traditional and progressive methods to enable client success throughout current and future market disruptions.

We’re a team of passionate problem solvers and data-driven strategists who have partnered with the world’s largest public and private organizations. As realists with a long history in top-tier firms, we provide our clients with a modern and efficient take on consulting to deliver less of the same solutions and more of the meaningful ones.


We combine the power of analytics, strategy and implementation to deliver smart solutions

In an increasingly digitized world, solving complex challenges requires a profound interplay of brain power and technological insight. We combine the disciplines of analytics, strategy and implementation to provide smart solutions crafted, vetted and validated with data and perspectives from every angle. No matter the initiative or special project you seek to solve or support, our intelligence across these capabilities makes the difference between a good idea and a smart solution.

Brand Management

A brand is more than a product or logo and building and sustaining it takes determination and hard work. From fine-tuning your positioning and connecting with influencers who move the meter to monitoring your reputation at every touchpoint with your stakeholders, Skylight Intelligence won’t just make your brand more effective, we’ll differentiate it from every angle.

  • Reputation Management
  • Influencer Analysis
  • Purpose & Positioning
  • Integrated Marketing Services
  • Corporate Citizenship & Sustainability

Customer Experience

The success of organizations hinges on the experience that they deliver as part of every interaction. Consumers and other stakeholders have options for the brands that they trust, choose, and endorse. It’s brands with an optimized customer experience that win. Skylight Intelligence delivers smart, customer-centric strategies to drive the success of your organization.

  • Stakeholder Segmentation
  • Insights & Strategy
  • Loyalty & Incentive Analysis
  • Support Strategy

Corporate Intelligence

With an unprecedented amount of information available to organizations today, everyone has the ability to make smart decisions. The difference lies in how proactively you use data to identify risks and seize opportunities. Skylight Intelligence is passionate about transforming data into actionable intelligence and unlocking strategies and channels never considered.

  • Digital Listening & Surveillance
  • Market Analysis & Reporting
  • Competitor Intelligence
  • Risk Management
  • Supply Chain Risk Analysis
  • Advanced Analytics

Organization Transformation

The ability to identify, assess and manage change is a key measure of an organization’s success. Creating and sustaining an organization that all stakeholders believe in and continually choose is achieved through people, processes and technology. By fusing traditional and progressive methods, Skylight Intelligence keeps you competitive by driving internal acceptance and external adoption of your critical and innovative transformations.

  • Change Management
  • Employee Engagement
  • Project Management
  • Governance
  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Digital Transformation

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