Venture Capital & Private Equity

The competitive landscape in Venture Capital & Private Equity continues to evolve with legacy firms experiencing increased competition from non-traditional investors and crowdfunding platforms emerging in the marketplace. Meanwhile, many issues, like the implications of Brexit, will have reverberations in the Private Equity space in the coming years. Additionally, while the Venture Capital (VC) industry is seeing more corporate investments into smaller companies and more competition for early stage VCs, the Private Equity (PE) industry is experiencing a push towards more transparency by the government regulators. VC & PE firms must re-evaluate the way in which they operate to deal with these changes in the marketplace. Skylight is able to help our clients adapt and navigate this difficult environment with RAISE2, our comprehensive approach to how we deliver evidenced-based strategies and business intelligence solutions to our clients.


Skylight’s RAISE2 methodology is grounded in the data our team collects through our extensive global research network. Our research allows Skylight to gather the appropriate information using a variety of research methods in order to bring our clients the best data possible to address their business challenges. Research is especially important in the Venture Capital industry (VC) as firms need to collect data on markets and companies related to potential investments. Private Equity (PE) firms also rely heavily on timely, accurate research to help these firms’ close deals and capitalize on potential opportunities. Skylight’s ability to conduct domestic or global research provides our clients with incredible reach with our customized and advanced research techniques.

Skylight’s approach to research includes the following capabilities:
Design Thinking Methods
In-Depth Interviews
Data Science Methods
Focus Groups
Social Media Listening
Behavioral & Cognitive Science Methods

In the VC & PE industries, firms must strike a delicate balance between high risk and high return. Skylight provides research that is customized to the client’s exact specifications and requirements, positioning our clients to lead the way in their field.

Skylight’s research will enable companies to:

  • Explore the inherent political and economic risks that come with global investment portfolios
  • Conduct due-diligence on the business environment surrounding potential investments
  • Understand patterns and trends in targeted industries
  • Practice “reverse engineering” research methods to gather discrete information on private companies

analytics & insights

Skylight understands that time is money in the fiercely competitive Venture Capital (VC) & Private Equity (PE) industries. Our Skylight team develops practical business solutions through the use of customized, advanced analytics. The descriptive and predictive analytics techniques employed are designed to meet our clients’ needs for timely access to insightful analysis.

Skylight is able to provide actionable insights through this interdisciplinary approach, which allow our clients to stay on top of industry trends.

Customized, Advanced Analytics

Meet Need for Timely Analysis

Produce Actionable Insights

Skylight’s analytical approaches empower our clients to:
  • Reveal flaws in product features or ineffective marketing approaches
  • Understand trends seen from the additional data which firms are collecting
  • Identify viable markets and develop actionable insights to satisfy the market

Skylight enables our clients to gain a better understanding of their market and prepare for future disruptions. Skylight’s experience in the VC & PE industries helps to transform the power of data into actionable insights for our clients.


Skylight believes in creating evidence-based strategies that allow our clients to operate through the high growth and high risk environment that is at the core of both the Venture Capital (VC) and Private Equity (PE) industries. Our team’s industry expertise and market insights help our clients recognize key market trends for investment and divesture strategies to realize greater ROI. Skylight identifies the key trends in the industry to craft a customized strategic plan for our clients.

Skylight believes that successful business strategies consist of understanding the relationships among five key elements:




Business Environment


Our Skylight team creates an action-oriented strategic plan that takes into account industry trends and best practices. Current trends in both the VC & PE industries show a deepening of relationships between these firms and larger corporations. Recent trends show that VC firms are increasingly making investments that support the innovation initiatives of corporations, while PE firms are considering more targeted investments that help drive technological innovations that benefit multiple sectors. This causes the need for these firms to develop a more niche, comprehensive strategy. Skylight is able to provide expert strategic planning to our clients, positioning them for success in the future.

Skylight’s action-oriented strategic planning allows our clients to:
  • Determine the appropriate value creation drivers needed to generate growth
  • Identify opportunity areas that align with shareholder interests and market directions
  • Improve assessment and review cycles for investments through improved approaches to data integration

Engagement + Evaluation

Skylight’s Engagement + Evaluation offering focuses on the crucial steps necessary for ensuring a successful implementation of programs and strategies. Our Skylight team has experience creating, implementing and determining the success of strategies and the surrounding activities.

Skylight utilizes our team’s extensive combined experiences in both the management of engagement activities and the development of comprehensive approaches to program evaluation in order to serve as a trusted advisor to our clients.

Skylight is with our clients every step of the way as we execute strategies and evaluate their impacts in order to both enhance opportunities and manage risk.
Through Skylight’s Engagement & Evaluation Capabilities, our clients are able to:
  • Determine the effectiveness of programs and develop strategies to increase ROI
  • Create internal benchmarks for investments on a regular basis
  • Review a client’s current and historical position within key market areas against other competitors