Our Approach

Skylight’s RAISE2 Methodology represents our comprehensive approach to how we deliver evidenced-based strategies and business intelligence solutions to our clients.


Facts are the foundation of our solutions:

  • Global Data Collection
  • Primary & Secondary Research
  • Advanced Analytics

Multiple analytical approaches build customized, practical business solutions:

  • Hypothesis-driven
  • Descriptive & Predictive Techniques
  • “Big” & “Small” Data Science Techniques

Interdisciplinary approach leads to realistic, actionable insights:

  • Grounded in realistic expectations
  • Tied to business outcomes
  • Designed to enable decision-making

Focused strategies that drive toward clear business outcomes:

  • Clear, measurable goals and strategies focused on business outcomes
  • Based on industry experience and best practices
engagement & evaluation

Integrated plans with clear KPIs drive successful implementation:

  • Implementation plans with clear milestones and goals
  • Continuous evaluation and improvement to drive business outcomes