The not-for-profit (NFP) sector is highly diverse and makes up a significant portion of the U.S. and global economies. NFP organizations continue to play a crucial role in solving problems and tackling challenges across the world. In many cases NFP organizations are uniquely positioned to deal with major issues like health or education. Skylight can support these challenges and create opportunities for success through our RAISE2 methodology, which is our comprehensive approach to how we deliver evidenced-based strategies and business intelligence solutions to our clients.


The RAISE2 Methodology is grounded in data to provide our clients with best in class research through our extensive global research network. Skylight understands that it’s not only about conducting traditional survey research at one particular moment in time in the NFP sector. Rather, it is essential to gather the appropriate information using a variety of research methods in order to bring our NFP clients the best data possible to address their challenges.

Skylight’s approach to research includes the following capabilities:
Design Thinking Methods
In-Depth Interviews
Data Science Methods
Focus Groups
Social Media Listening
Behavioral & Cognitive Science Methods
Skylight’s research will enable companies to:
  • Determine the important issues of their stakeholders
  • Recognize trends in charitable behaviors
  • Gather information on the competitive landscape

analytics & insights

Data has become one of the most important assets for NFP organizations. Skylight helps our clients to move from the data collection phase to the development of proven analytical models which help convert this data into actionable insights. Our Skylight team customizes our analysis to meet our client’s needs, while utilizing data analytics best practices in the NFP sector layered with expert analysis to generate comprehensive insights. As additional pressure has been placed on NFP organizations to maximize funding, identify and maintain key donors, our clients can use data analytics to supplement decision-making.

Skylight’s advanced analytical approaches build customized, practical solutions that are hypothesis driven, allowing our clients to take advantage of their data collection practices.

Customized Approach

Advanced Analytics

Actionable Insights

Skylight’s multiple analytical approaches empower our clients to:
  • Better understand their fundraising practices
  • Increase the frequency of regular charitable donations to their organization
  • Understand expected responses for various forms of communications and marketing

Skylight’s approach allows our clients to generate actionable insights to gain deeper knowledge of their NFPs positioning, improve operations and lead to evidence-based decision-making. There are opportunities for innovation in the NFP sector and Skylight has the expertise to lead our clients through these necessary steps of analysis. Skylight sets our clients up to move forward effectively through these customized actionable insights.


Skylight believes in creating evidence-based strategies which allow for the development of a realistic and actionable plan for our clients. The challenges that NFP organizations face, like retaining current and attracting new donors, requires our clients to understand the implications of their actions. Skylight helps our clients develop a strategy which allows our clients to achieve their missions. Our team works with our clients to create measureable goals within their strategy that serve as the guideposts within an overall strategic plan.

Skylight believes that successful strategic plans consist of understanding the dynamic interactions and relationships among six elements:




Internal Environment

Domestic Environment

International Environment

Skylight’s action-oriented strategic planning enables our clients to:
  • Utilize best practices from experiences in the private sector
  • Develop programs which attract and retain donors to continue their organization’s mission
  • Adapt initiatives to more effectively achieve the desired outcomes and align more with the brand attributes of potential sponsors

Skylight’s role is more than simply developing a strategy for our clients. Our team creates an action-oriented strategic plan that takes into account the elements and challenges facing those organizations in the NFP sector. We stand by our client’s side as we turn the recommendations into an effective action plan to aid in the decision-making process. Skylight prepares our clients to create a meaningful impact in the NFP sector.

Engagement + Evaluation

As part of our Engagement + Evaluation offering, Skylight focuses on the successful implementation of programs and strategies. Our Skylight team is fully capable of creating, implementing and determining the success of all activities associated with the application of strategies.

Our team holds extensive combined experience in both the management of engagement activities and the development of comprehensive approaches to program evaluation. NFP organizations understand the importance of creating a story to tell potential donors, but after capturing their interest or commitment the process is not completely finished. Skylight helps our clients continually engage and/or reengage with donors. Each interaction with a donor provides useful information on the effectiveness of their outreach efforts and allows for improvement as needed. This evaluation step is crucial for all organizations, but in particular for an NFP sector which operates on contributions from individuals and other organizations.

Skylight’s execution is focused on measuring organizational outcomes and progressively evaluating the impact of activities to maximize opportunities and minimize risk for our clients.
Skylight’s Engagement & Evaluation offerings enable our clients to:
  • Implement effective programs designed to support their organization’s mission
  • Determine the most important influencers, support networks and channels to effectively establish and grow their brand amongst stakeholders
  • Regularly benchmark activities, both internally and externally, to improve future operations