Health & Life Sciences

The Health & Life Sciences industry is facing an increasingly challenging business environment, where the goal of improving lives is becoming more and more complex. Aside from the complex regulations and pharmacovigilance scrutiny, healthcare and biotech companies are spending more money on R&D with fewer products making it out of clinical trials. Pricing of products and the cost of product advertising efforts also are constantly facing potential government interventions due to consumer advocacy efforts.

This complex environment poses many challenges for companies wishing to maintain their position within the industry. For companies looking to overcome these challenges and create opportunities for growth, Skylight helps clients adapt and navigate through market uncertainty with RAISE2, our comprehensive approach to how we deliver evidenced-based strategies and business intelligence solutions to our clients.


Skylight’s RAISE2 methodology is driven by the data our team is able to gather through our extensive research network. Our research allows Health & Life Sciences companies to gain information into their customers’ experiences. The collection of this information is particularly important for this industry due to the nature of its products and services. Skylight’s ability to conduct domestic or global research provides our clients with incredible reach for their data collection.

By using our customized and advanced research techniques, Skylight can help our Health & Life Sciences clients to understand consumer needs and questions. Skylight’s approach to research includes the following capabilities:
Design Thinking Methods
In-Depth Interviews
Data Science Methods
Focus Groups
Social Media Listening
Behavioral & Cognitive Science Methods
Skylight’s research will enable our clients to:
  • Shift to more personalized care and services, which require not only more data, but more individualized data
  • Create messaging designed to target users or individual products and services
  • Understand what the underlying drivers are to a company’s brand and/or reputation

analytics & insights

Skylight develops an analytical approach for our client’s needs, while taking into account the industry’s best practices for data analysis. Our advanced analytics capabilities allow our Skylight team to take advantage of the increase of data available in the industry, most notably the additional data from personal medical devices and social media. Skylight uses an interdisciplinary approach to provide analysis with descriptive and predictive analytics techniques.

The outcomes are actionable insights, enabled to aid decision-making.

Understand Customer Needs, Attitudes and Behaviors

Pair Innovative, Personalized Approach with Advanced Analytics

Transform Data into Actionable Insights

Skylight’s multiple analytical approaches to data analysis empower our clients to:
  • Enhance the customer experience through personalized messaging
  • Select most effective ways to expand their customer-base with targeted marketing or other campaigns
  • Inspire new product or service developments through focused R&D
  • Reduce risk through analysis of past medical device / product failures

Skylight’s approach enables our clients to intimately understand customer needs, attitudes and behaviors, which will better position our clients for success. Skylight helps transform the potential of customer data into actionable insights that deliver real value.


Skylight helps our clients to navigate the complex government regulation, develop impactful strategies and implement dynamic operating models that promote sustainability, while also providing value-based care, ultimately transforming the way Health & Life Sciences products and services are delivered. Skylight’s approach to strategic planning provides our clients with a clear, evidence-based blueprint. Skylight’s expertise in the Health & Life Sciences industry allows our team to provide actionable insights to ensure a successful implementation for our clients.

Skylight believes that successful business strategies consist of understanding the dynamic interactions and relationships among five key elements:




Business Environment


Skylight enables our clients to proactively enhance their brand, improve customer services, and distinguish themselves from competitors within their increasingly digital-centric operating environment. Through the use of effective strategic planning, our clients can improve their understanding of the current Health & Life Sciences market and position themselves to adapt swiftly and appropriately in an uncertain future.

Skylight uses an action-oriented strategic plan to help our clients:
  • Develop practices that increase their brand’s market and mind share
  • Effectively position themselves for success within a dynamic regulatory environment
  • Identify actions that could improve customer awareness of key product brands and patient adherence to healthcare products

Engagement + Evaluation

As part of our Engagement + Evaluation offering, Skylight focuses on the successful implementation of programs and strategies. Our Skylight team has experience creating, implementing and determining the success of all activities associated with the execution of strategies in the Health & Life Sciences industry that deliver on impactful business outcomes.

Skylight offers extensive combined experience in both the management of engagement activities and the development of comprehensive approaches to program evaluation in the Health & Life Sciences industry. Our team continues evaluation of the program after implementation through the use of feedback and KPIs in order to create lasting improvement. The various feedback platforms allow for engagement between a cross-section of industry influencers, including health care companies, providers, patients and government entities.

Effective Engagement helps our clients join the conversation and enhance business outcomes.
  • Understand both the corporate activities and external events impacting customer perceptions and behaviors
  • Determine the most important influencers, support networks and channels for specific conditions to relay key messages
  • Focus corporate social impact and citizenship efforts on initiatives that matter to various patient and professional groups