Government agencies and other public sector organizations provide critical services for citizens, oversee important national policies, as well as drive economic growth. Citizens’ perceptions of these services and oversight capabilities, however, are evolving and agencies are expected to do more with less funding.

To overcome these challenges, Skylight can help public sector entities adapt to budget uncertainties and determine the most efficient way to deliver impactful public initiatives with RAISE2, our comprehensive approach to how we deliver evidenced-based strategies and business intelligence solutions to our clients.


The RAISE2 Methodology is grounded in data to provide our clients with best in class research through our extensive global research network. Skylight understands that it’s not only about conducting traditional survey research in the public sector at one particular moment in time. Rather it is essential to gather the appropriate information using a variety of research methods in order to bring our public sector clients the best data possible to address their challenges.

Skylight’s approach to research includes the following capabilities:
Design Thinking Methods
In-Depth Interviews
Data Science Methods
Focus Groups
Social Media Listening
Behavioral & Cognitive Science Methods
Skylight’s research will enable companies to:
  • Understand the impact of social trends on their work
  • Monitor economic indicators both domestically and internationally
  • Create targeted communications designed to reach certain demographic groups

analytics & insights

Skylight tailors our analytical approach to our client’s needs, while utilizing data analytics best practices in the private sector layered with expert analysis to generate comprehensive insights. Effective decision-making is crucial in the public sector, as the decisions can often have a greater societal and economic impact.

Our advanced analytical approaches result in customized, practical solutions, which allow our clients to take advantage of the wealth of data available to them.

Skylight has extensive experience in the public sector, which the team also employs as part of our descriptive and predictive analysis techniques.

Customized Approach

Advanced Analytics

Actionable Insights

Skylight’s multiple analytical approaches empower our clients to:
  • Make evidence-based business decisions
  • Create lean and effective budgets
  • Focus on managing risk using analytics

Skylight’s approach allows our clients to generate actionable insights to drive effective evidence-based decision-making. There are opportunities to optimize operational inefficiencies and analytics based decision-making in the public sector and Skylight has the experience leading clients through the necessary stages of this analysis. Skylight provides our clients with realistic, actionable insights designed to enable effective decision-making.


Government agencies and public sector entities are often faced with addressing the major issues of our time, and need strategies that are innovative, yet achieveable within the current environment. Skylight’s experience working with public sector clients and focus on evidence-based strategies allows our team to provide the necessary realism and actionability in our strategic planning efforts, so our clients can deliver impactful results.

Skylight believes that successful strategic plans consist of understanding the dynamic interactions and relationships among four key elements:





Skylight’s role is more than simply developing a strategy for our clients. Our team creates an action-oriented strategic plan that takes into account the challenges facing those in the public sector. We stand by our client’s side as we turn the recommendations into an effective action plan. Skylight will do more than simply prepare our clients for the future. We will prepare our clients to influence it.

Skylight’s strategic planning capabilities allow our clients to:
  • Utilize best practices from experiences in the private sector
  • Navigate the challenges organizations face in the complex public environment
  • Create programs designed to meet the needs of each individual scenario

Engagement + Evaluation

As part of our Engagement + Evaluation offering, Skylight focuses on the successful implementation of programs and strategies. Our Skylight team is fully capable of creating, implementing and determining the success of all activities associated with the implementation of strategies.

Skylight offers extensive combined experience in both the management of engagement activities and the development of comprehensive approaches to program evaluation. Skylight’s knowledge of the public sector provides our clients with the tools necessary to deliver impactful programs or initiatives that meet citizen and leadership expectations. Skylight allows our clients to showcase new activities and improved operations which navigate to more effect engagement and execution of plans.

Through Skylight’s Engagement & Evaluation capabilities, our clients can expect:
  • Stakeholder engagement and feedback to maximize effectiveness of the program
  • Implementation of data driven, impactful programs
  • Internal benchmarking of activities based on key performance indicators