Our Centers of Research and Expertise represents Skylight’s commitment to achieving impactful business outcomes for our clients and stakeholders.
Social Impact

Explores the key drivers and trends for achieving sustainable social impact across the private sector, public sector and civil society.

Advances evidence-based approaches to the design and evaluation of social impact initiatives to connect the impact goals to desired business and organizational outcomes.

engagement analytics

Focuses on applying the latest data science techniques and technologies in support of constructing more analytical-driven approaches to engaging key organizational stakeholders.

Leveraging key relationships with academic organizations to provide consistent thought leadership across all key sectors (e.g., public, private and not-for-profit).

global corporate affairs

Designing best-in-class Global Corporate Affairs teams within large multinational organizations.

Helping our clients develop, implement and utilize agile organizational designs enabling them to successfully manage global/local dynamics necessary for effective corporate statecraft within a complex business environment.