About Us

about us

At their core, professional services firms are about helping organizations solve complicated problems. While the challenges we handle are complex, working with us is not. At Skylight Intelligence, our team of passionate and creative professionals will bring the highest level of thinking to your organization’s biggest problems, and work with your team to deliver practical and effective solutions.

Our integrated set of professional services and solutions utilize advanced frameworks and methodologies to deliver practical strategies and unique insights to our clients. Unlike the limited, fixed standard model traditionally offered by most firms, Skylight Intelligence is dedicated to redefining our industry through a multidisciplinary approach that adapts to the specific business challenges of your organization.

The Skylight team has delivered evidenced-based services and solutions to several of the world’s largest organizations. Covering all markets, Skylight delivers ongoing and unparalleled support across multiple departments within our clients’ organizations. Senior leaders depend on Skylight’s highest level of thinking to formulate strategy and deliver impact. Focusing on innovative thinking and dedicated passion with each client, we understand both global considerations and local dynamics of large multinational organizations.

our mission

Skylight Intelligence is committed to innovative thinking and measurable results. We act as trusted advisors to our clients and deliver a meaningful impact that will drive positive change within an organization. Through a multidisciplinary approach, our services drive practical solutions that work.


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